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United Way of Logan County announces Pacesetter Chairman

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“We are so pleased to have a person of great integrity, leadership and community interest accept the position of Pacesetter Chair for our 2014 Campaign,” noted United Way of Logan County Board President Steve Gentling. 

Josh Tucker

Josh Tucker

Gentling went on to introduce “Josh Tucker, Administrator of Mercy Logan County, has successfully led the hospital as the primary health care resource in our communities and county.  We are very excited that he brings to this chairmanship the same vision, passion and skill set that he has exhibited at Mercy as it has expanded services and enhanced the quality of health care throughout our county”.

In accepting this critical position Josh remarked, “I am pleased to be a part of the United Way of Logan County network of services that touch one out of every four citizens of our county.  The effort of United Way, through the 12 partner agencies, makes a huge difference in our communities.  Whether assisting in the aftermath of wild fires and tornadoes,  providing food for those families who cannot afford the basic essentials,  supporting a sheltered environment for displaced children, or lots of other critical services to residents who are in need,  the United Way provides a collective and coordinated role that is unique in our county.  It is a pleasure to be a part of this organization and this valuable process.”

Jessica Eaves, United Way of Logan County Coordinator noted, “The Pacesetter Campaign involves 11 local businesses/organizations which agree to run their campaigns in July and August; providing great leadership support, hosting campaign rallies, generating opportunities for employee education concerning the United Way and partner agencies, and providing a great initial “boost” to the regular campaign.  As the name implies, these companies lead the way and set the regular campaign on a blazing trail to success!”

The Pacesetter companies include:

                                    Oklahoma State Bank

                                    Guthrie Noon Lions Club

                                    Guthrie Vision Source

                                    Oklahoma Natural Gas – Guthrie

                                    Environmental Management, Inc.

                                    Converse Surveying & Engineering

                                    BancFirst – Guthrie

                                    Logan Community Services

                                    God’s Food Bank

                                    Logan County Council on Aging

                                    Mercy Hospital Logan County

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