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Rape investigation reveals three young victims

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Warning – Some details may be disturbing. Viewer discretion is advised.

In an affidavit, three young victims have alleged they were sexually assaulted inside a Crescent home that dates back to 2005. A second arrest was made after a gruesome photo was reportedly delivered to send a message.

Carl Douglas Crick Jr.

Carl Douglas Crick Jr.

The Logan County District Attorney’s Office and the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigations interviewed the alleged females victims and made an arrest.

Carl Douglas Crick Jr., 48, of Crescent has been charged with four felony charges, including two counts of first degree rape under the age of 16, lewd molestation and rape by instrumentation under the age of 16.

The first victim reports the rapes occurred when she was 12-years-old and went on for four years. Court papers show Crick would go into her bedroom and have sex with her. It goes on to say the rapes happen more than 20 times and happened for several days in a row.

A second juvenile says Crick would go into her bedroom and would do things that only married people would do. The attacks are said to have happen after he had been drinking. The rapes are alleged to have started at the age of four and went on four years.

The third juvenile victim says Crick assaulted her twice when she stayed the night at the Crescent home with the second victim.  She states the first time she woke up to Crick assaulting her. She says she yelled and Crick then left the room. The second victim heard the scream and had woken up, but was told she was having a bad dream.

The third victim again woke up to Crick assaulting her on a second occasion and again she screamed and Crick left the room. This time she shared what had happen to the second victim. The report says they sat up for the rest of the night crying.

Crick was in court on June 18 and posted a $200,000 bond on June 24. He’s expected to be back in the Logan County Courthouse on Aug. 28.

Gruesome photo sent to mother

Carl Douglas Crick Sr.

Carl Douglas Crick Sr.

A week after Crick, Jr. was arrested, Carl Douglas Crick Sr. was arrested after he allegedly sent a photo to a possible witness in the case in hopes of altering testimony or preventing her from testifying.

According to court papers, Crick, Sr. placed a photo on a female’s front porch depicting the heads of her children cut off with the intent to cause mental harm.

Crick, Sr. posted a $10,000 bond and is expected to be back in court on Aug. 28. If found guilty, he could face anywhere from one year to 10 years imprisonment.

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