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Water flowing into ponds at Mineral Wells Park

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Water is once again flowing in the ponds at Mineral Wells Park. The shortage was due to the front pond draining into a nearby creek, but officials believe the ponds should be full by the weekend.

Mineral WellsCity of Guthrie crew members have been working on the project to help fill two of the three ponds that surround the park. The front pond sits just off Division Street and is visible by citizens and visitors as they drive by.

The pond has become noticeably bare over the last few years with a plethora of grass having replaced the body of water with quacking ducks and fountain that lights up at night.

While drought conditions played a factor in water disappearing, so did a rusted-out drain. With the malfunctioning drain, the front pond water was escaping into Snake Creek, which runs on the north side of the park.

City workers relocated the drain and on Thursday began pumping water from Cottonwood Creek with a line running a half-mile into the second pond. Eventually, the pond will fill up and spill into the front pond.

Water is being pumped in at about 126 gallons per minute and is expected to fill the ponds in three to four days.

Helping with the project is Hamilton Investment Group (HIG) out of Guthrie. HIG is helping the project with man-power and the line being used to help pump the water.

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