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Liberty Lake continues to become local destination

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Liberty Lake is becoming a local destination for not only locals, but also from others in surrounding communities. Already this year, the lake has seen more visitors than all of 2013.

Liberty Lake

Lake Patrol Officer Anthony Gibbs says the lake can see as many as 200 people at one time on the weekdays and upwards of 300 on weekends.

The lake, located in southwest Guthrie, offers five miles of shoreline and 167 surface acres and allows camping, fishing, swimming, hiking, kayaking, water skiing and wake boarding. Also, citizens can wander around the undeveloped area of the lake on horseback.

Additions to the lake, such as a beach area and updated boat dock, have made the lake more user friendly.

Liberty and Guthrie Lake Daily Fees

Currently lake goers are using the honor box system when it comes to paying admission. The honor box sets near the road as you enter the lake. While some may drive past the honor box and not make their payment, first time visitors are often not aware of the box to make a payment until a frequent permit check is conducted.

Liberty LakeWith the increased numbers of visitors, the lake has also seen an increase amount of crime. According to Gibbs, who is now in his fourth year as the lake patrol officer, in a span of one month, beginning in mid-May, more arrests and citations were issued than all of 2013.

To help reduce a portion of the crime and provide a more awareness of lake guidelines, the City of Guthrie is considering adding a full-time lake attendant that would live on the premises and conduct day-to-day business for both Liberty and Guthrie lakes.

The city continues to improve the structure on the property and recently added a new roof to the building. The addition of the lake house would allow the attendant to sell permits and help explain questions and rules.

In addition, Gibbs would like to see a retail store added in the lake house to help park visitors with groceries and lake items.

Guthrie Lake visitors could soon begin swimming in the lake as early as this summer. It is unknown why public swimming has not been allowed at the lake, but city officials are waiting for signage and buoys to be installed before beginning that service.

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