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Video: Kenya children say thank you to St. Mary’s students

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People in Guthrie continue to do great things for their community and for those that are in need. The children at St. Mary’s Catholic School are among those who help with special events throughout the year to do such things. Their latest project is now helping children over 8,000 miles away in Siaya, Kenya.

KenyaSt. Mary’s students recently raised money to help support the Tower of Light School in Kenya, Africa with such items as text books, uniforms, pens and paper and exam guides for middle school kids that are ready to take the Kenya National exams.

Along with school supplies, soccer balls were donated to help with recreation time.

Perhaps, more importantly, the American children were also able to purchase mosquito nets for the children in the African city. Malaria is a scary issue for many in the area as it serves as a breeding ground for mosquitos. According to one report, the malaria case rate is high with over 65 percent of illness and mortality, especially in infants, are due to malaria.

In a very kind gesture and a way to say thanks, the children of Tower Light Academy sent a special message back home with a video. In the video, you can see students holding up signs, books and crayons and saying “Asante Sana” which means “thank you very much” to the St. Mary’s students.

Organizers of the project will continue to try and keep communication ongoing between the children. One way they are looking to do so is too secure an internet connection with the school in Kenya in hopes the students from St. Mary’s can connect and communicate with programs such as Skype.

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