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Amateurs need adult supervision in the garden

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This rain has been great for everything that turns green this time of year. It is also the time of year that amateurs get out there with lawn mowers and weed eaters and act like professionals.

Mark SpradlinWe had someone using the weed eater in the garden and there was no supervision. Adults need adult supervision! I guess the weed eater was hungry for a sprinkler head and so it just decided to jump over there and gobble it up. It is just so hard to figure out. You know you don’t have to get that close.

I get a text message on my phone after they have already left the garden. Might have been afraid that I would have gone down there and fixed the operator problem. I sent a message to the irrigation guys to get it fixed. There is no telling how long that will take since this is their busy season. I told the human operator to always place their foot between the sprinkler head and the weed eater and they would learn real quick how to avoid the sprinkler head. The second option is to just not allow them to use gas equipment and take away their driver’s license also. But other than that the garden is really growing.

The seeds have all sprouted and are about eight inches tall and the tomato plants are over a foot tall. The soil is draining properly so we are not getting any rot on the roots yet but it has to stop raining so everything can dry out for a while pretty soon. Looks like everything is really going to grow and produce this year.

Now I have to be honest! We have some vegetable thieves in the garden. But it is good they are there. Why? It seems that one of the garden bed owners doesn’t want to come down and pick their vegetables in a timely manner and when people walk by several time and see those beautiful things going to waste they just have to pick them. So if you know anyone with a garden bed down there you might tell him to come pick the fruits of their labors. I bet they go down there and can’t figure out why nothing is producing. Now they know!

We still need help with mowing and weeding and whatever you want to do down there to help out. We planted the garden a little later this year thinking that would fool the grasshoppers and squash bugs. It appears they just had to wait a little for the buffet and then they began to help themselves. Next year we will have to consider using some plastic after the plants come up to help kill the bugs. We can’t move to another area of the garden to move away from the bugs so plastic sheets may be the only solution. We could sure use some chickens or ducks but there aren’t any around. Come on down and give us a hand.

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