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Chamber Chat: Softball fans make their way to Guthrie

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Saturday morning Farmer’s Market opened  at 8 a.m. with five vendors. The Antique & Vintage Market vendors were setting up before 6a.m. and most of them were open for business at 8a.m. too, they filled up the rest of the block. Oklahoma Avenue was closed with two blocks full of tents carrying all sorts of jewelry, crafts, t-shirts, etc.

Chamber President Mary Coffin

Chamber President Mary Coffin

The Make Guthrie Weird Party was really good that evening, lots of people and the weather turned out to be beautiful! Thankfully, several businesses and individuals in the community have stepped up to help keep the Block Parties going. Saturday’s party was sponsored by James Long, Vance Automobile Group, and Citizen’s Bank of Edmond, along with others. Most of the supporters are Chamber Members, and we are proud to see that our membership understands the importance of supporting the whole community in order for all of us to prosper.

Lucy and I are still attending VOAD meetings. We are starting to learn the needs of a few families from the fire and have people helping us get started! There is a need for skilled construction workers, tools, electricians, plumbers and water well people.  There are many folks in the community who are going above and beyond to help make these families whole again. John Kellogg has arranged for one family to receive a new mobile home, furniture, septic and electrical repairs, along with much more. All of these things have been donated by companies and individuals. There are many more families who lost literally everything in the fires. If you can help or know of someone who can please call or email me, thank you!

We have our first Frontier Country Road Show Thursday in Norman at the USPS center. We expect to contact around 700 people; USPS Employees and contractors, Marriott Employees, USPC Trainees, in addition an invitation to the National Weather Center (down the street) and general public will be extended. We enjoy meeting new folks and telling them about Guthrie at these shows. We learned last week that the networking we do with other entities and attractions at these shows really pays off too!

If you noticed a little more traffic in the downtown retail area, it came from the softball tournament visitors who were directly here when they visited the Harn Homestead in OKC. The people there were telling the softball fans that they didn’t want to miss coming up here to see our beautiful town and shopping! Thanks Harn Homestead!

This coming Saturday at the American Legion building there will be an candidate forum between Senator AJ Griffin and Dan Ladd sponsored by the Republican Women, beginning at 9a.m.

Next week’s Chamber Coffee will be hosted by Spoonful Pharmacy followed by a Ribbon Cutting at their new location, 105 E. Industrial Road! All you dads out there have a Happy Fathers Day! See you around town!

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