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Firework ordinance amended for city limits

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The Guthrie City Council voted not to completely do away with the current fireworks ordinance. However, a restriction will keep the fireworks at a minimum.

fireworksIn their regular scheduled meeting on Tuesday, the council unanimously voted (5-0) fireworks can be discharged on private property (not city property) of at least five acres or more.

With the amended ordinance, this eliminates majority neighborhoods in the city.

An emergency clause was approved and will be in effect for the upcoming July 4th celebration.

Before being delayed, the council considered completely removing the firework ordinance, that was approved in 2011.

In a recent Guthrie News Page poll of 476 votes, nearly 63 percent wanted to keep the firework ordinance in place.

Permits are still required through the City of Guthrie, along with the current rules and guidelines.

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