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Community Garden: Your neighbors are jealous, right?

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So now you know how it works.  You may not understand it, but at least you know what to look for.  Warm days, a little rain and then warm nights.  The plants grow and almost double in size when these conditions exist.  They love it! 

Mark SpradlinThis is the real truth behind successful gardening.  As the summer gets here these warm days get too warm and the plants will shut off and quit growing and producing.  Be prepared!

In the meantime you should take advantage of all the fresh garden produce that you can get your hands on.  Learn to preserve by canning, freezing or even drying and you will enjoy your garden all year long.  Remember that you don’t need a large garden in your yard.  While a big garden is real nice it requires a lot of work and bending and stooping.

Find yourself some good-sized containers and make yourself a smaller garden.  Pack those plants in those containers and watch them grow.  It is so much easier to control insects and weeds and grasses in a container garden and you can sit in a chair and take care of them without causing a lot of pain to your legs and back.  Make it easy on yourself so that you can truly enjoy the gardening experience.  Make your neighbors jealous with lots of good produce and very little work.  That is what gardening is all about after all, isn’t it?  Making your neighbor jealous?

Keep those containers out of the sight of the next-door nosey gardener and just let him see the produce that you get.  Make sure you offer some fresh produce to them so that it just kind of irritates them a little more.  If you have to cheat and go buy a piece or two then do it.  When he thinks he is losing he will work even harder for a better garden and even bring you more stuff to share.  Keep antagonizing them while you sit on the patio and relax while they work.  Pretty soon you may have to move out of the neighborhood because of all the ill will you have created but there will be more neighborhoods open up that want your gardening experience.

With all these green plants you can bet that the critters and insects are going to come pay you a visit.  To keep deer out of your garden buy you some Society Garlic and put a couple of pots around your garden.  The deer do not like this stuff!  The grasshoppers are here again this year and they are seeking revenge for last year.  You must defeat them when they are little.  Figure out what kind of pesticide you are going to use and go to work.  You will need to have a couple so that you can switch them out during the garden year.  These smart little grasshoppers will get use to anything that you use for too long.  Hire the neighbor kids and pay them a dollar for every jar full and sell it for fish bait.

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