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All storm sirens hoped to be fixed this week

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Updated on Monday, April 28 at 9 a.m. — The final two storm sirens have been fixed and all 14 are believed to be in working condition.

The monthly siren test will be conducted on Friday if weather elements allow.

A power surge earlier this month knocked out three storm sirens and now officials are anticipating all 14 sirens will be back in working condition this week.

sirensThe storm siren located at 6th and Noble was repaired last Wednesday. Locations at 12th and Noble and Industrial Road and Ruhl Dr. are expected to be repaired this week.

After the surge, the motors needed to be rebuilt. Parts to repair the sirens were hard to locate due to the age of the sirens. However, the parts have been located, ordered and are being shipped.

The Guthrie Police Department go through routine checks and activate the sirens when needed.

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Emergency officials reminds everyone the sirens are an outdoor warning and are not intended for people inside their homes.

Along with storm sirens, people are encouraged to stay alert with news, radio, television and smartphone technology.

You can receive free email and text alerts from Guthrie News Page. Text and data rates do apply.

Here is the list of the 14 storm sirens in Guthrie:

2423 W. Noble (West Assembly of God Church)
19th and Orbit (Silver Valley Addition)
19th and Noble (North in alley)
12th and Noble (South in alley)
6th and Noble (North in alley)
Walnut and Crooks (Upper Elementary School)
Broad and Jefferson (East of Fogarty School)
Broad and Oklahoma (North of Courthouse)
Industrial and Ruhl (West on hilltop)
Hillview and Coltrane (South of Guthrie Lake)
Drexel and Harrison (in alley, South of water tower)
College and Pine (East at Edwards Village)
Sooner and Lake Road
2000 East Springer (SW from I-35 and Noble)

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