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Update from Commissioner Mark Sharpton

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When does a day’s work stretch into weeks or a month? In the winter…when we are trying to repair potholes in the winter. This previous month’s average temperature has been 36 degrees. With the morning starting out often in single digits, it is hard to do a lot of patching. The whole process needs warmth for quality. We try not to open too many deep patches when we know there could be a few days of bad weather or holiday delays.

Mark SharptonFortunately, the holidays are behind us and eventually the temperatures will rise to a more hospitable environment conducive for asphalt work. The winter does allow for some equipment maintenance and shop cleaning.

We recently learned that road projects are going to be held to the “New Federal and State Standards.” So, the roads we submitted applications for will need to be re- engineered in accordance with the guidelines. The guidelines have become very burdensome. They require we have a larger right of way, which really means the government gets control over more of your property.

As a Commissioner, I am required to follow the rules set in place by the Legislature and policy makers. I am telling you that the new requirements will turn one mile of asphalt road into a project that takes homes, land, and elevates the cost from thousands to millions. I believe that Congress has the “power” to make “Post Roads”  under the U.S Constitution Article 1 Section 8. http://1.usa.gov/JhZIQH  Since Congress acted on the power bestowed upon it, Congress now has a duty to provide proper ability without becoming burdensome to “we the people.” So please write, call, email, go to their offices and tell our federal and state elected officials we want roads funded as a top priority.

Roads and infrastructure I am afraid have fallen into the familiar course when government takes over something to improve it. Government might start with good intentions and may even make something better for a time. Then another bunch get elected and start cutting when the people have become dependent. Then the entity that is an overseer becomes such a large animal that it does less than was intended with more people than it needs.

  1. deborah
    February 2, 2014 at 10:33 am

    was wondering if and when Green Oaks Way which is classified as a thru street will be greatly repaired all the way thru. I have lived on this street for more than 27 yrs and have only know once back in 1985 or so that it was repaired all the way thru. This road is long over due for a full repair and not just a patching here and there. Plus who ever repaired or patched the last time left washboard ruts from the equipment.

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