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Burned body found in rural Logan County

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Victim TattoFrom the investigators. The victim is going to be in his 20’s to possibly early 30’s. 5’8 give or take a couple inches, has tatoo on right shoulder of bulls skull and seal of the Cherokee nation on upper right chest. Unknown weight. Assuming American Indian, but was probably lighter skinned.

The partial tattoo on the bottom is on the right shoulder. The Cherokees have a legend about the horned serpent called the Uktena Investigators believe that is part of the tattoo.

The Cherokee Nation Seal is on the chest of yesterday’s homicide victim.

Original story

Officials are hoping to release forensic sketches of the tattoos this evening.

A Langston firefighter made a gruesome discovery when he was extinguishing a grass fire and found a body in the fire.


The Logan County Sheriff’s Office says the body of a white male had been dumped and burned  just south of County Road 75 and Hiwassee Rd. 

The body was found around 3 p.m. Friday.

Chief Deputy Richard Stephens  says both the arms and legs of the body were bound before the body was dumped and set ablaze.

The identity and cause of death have not yet been determined, but Stephens says they are following up a couple of men that have gone missing in the last few days from the area.

He goes on to say it is believed the man did not died at the scene.

The Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation is assisting with the homicide case

Anyone who knows anything about what happened should call the Logan County Sheriff’s Office at 282-4100.

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