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Logan County Jail opens up new housing unit

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On Friday, the Logan County Sheriff’s Office announced the opening of a new inmate housing unit for the six-year-old jail.

Sheriff's JailAccording to the Sheriff’s Office, the trends over the past four years has demonstrated an increase in the number of female inmates that are spending more and more time in the jail. 

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With more female inmates, the facility is often full or over capacity.

“This increases the risk for fights and other problems in the female population,” Chief Deputy Richard Stephens said.

The original construction of the jail left the pod not constructed and to be used at a later date for expansion. 

Early in 2013, the Logan County Sheriff’s Office and the Logan County Jail Commission approved funding for the expansion in the Detention Center. The expense was split between the Sheriff’s Office and the Jail Commission.

“This allowed the completion of the interior of the housing unit so that it can legally house inmates.  With this knowledge that the female population was at capacity, the clear answer was to make this a dedicated female housing unit. This will expand the capacity for female inmates almost double to what was available before.”

The housing units at the Logan County Detention Center are all certified by the Oklahoma Health Department Jail Standards Unit.

“Additionally, we are inspected and approved for use by the United States Marshal’s Service to hold Federal Inmates when necessary. These inspections and certifications provide our facility with the highest level of certification available in Oklahoma,” Stephens added.

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