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“Blue” calls it a career with City of Guthrie after 36 years

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Guthrie has seen several changes in the past 36 years and for the positive and negative Verdell “Blue” Smith has been through it all. On Monday, Smith said farewell after 36 years of service for the City of Guthrie.

Verdell SmithThe city hosted a retirement celebration for Smith, who was the Parks and Public Grounds Superintendent. Prior to his retirement, he was the longest tenured employee for the city.

“We want to honor and celebrate the 36 years that Blue has been with us at the City. In 36 years of service I don’t think he has not touch the life of anyone within the city of Guthrie. Its astonishing,” City Manager Sereniah Breland said.

Several city employees and citizens made their way to see Blue and the smile that immediately grabs your attention.

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Mayor Mark Spradlin through a proclamation declared Monday, Nov. 4 as Verdell “Blue” Smith Day for his true commitment and loyalty for 36 years.

“For someone to be in location for 36 years, he has shown unbelievable courage, character and competence throughout the time I have been here,” Breland said.

“I can only imagine the 35 years preceding that were just as remarkable. We are thankful for your service.”

Spradlin said, “he will be remembered in making our cemetery parks and grounds inviting and a welcoming site to all citizens and visitors.”

Smith, who has seen 13 mayors and several city managers and councils, is commonly quiet and reserved, but took the moment to thank everyone.

“I want to thank everybody. Everybody has been so nice to me. I want to say thanks to all the people who have worked with me for helping me through everything and supporting me.

Blue was given a silver personalized money clip as a retirement gift from the city.

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