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Guthrie High and City combine for downtown art project

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The City of Guthrie and the Guthrie High School art department joined forces to for a local downtown project in hopes of bringing more to the downtown district.

Street Box ArtThe City of Guthrie approached the Guthrie High School art teacher, Lindsey Baker, last year to see how the City could showcase local talent through art projects. As a result, the partnership has begun and the City says there will be more public art in the future.

“It’s an honor and a privilege to be able to work with the City of Guthrie. As an educator I love being able to give my students projects to put them out into the real world,” Baker said.

The first project approved were the street light utility boxes. The once bland, gray boxes, that stand near busy intersections, are now displayed with Oklahoma themed art. Photo Gallery

Four boxes have been decorated so far with two boxes showcasing scissor tail fly catchers, one of Oklahoma wheat and the other displaying a rose rock, schooner and ground hog.

Street Box Art“I love being able to showcase my students talents and abilities, and promise fine arts and its importance. I’m blessed to live in a town that values these as well,” Baker said.

The City’s Historical Preservation Committee reviewed the drawings, volunteers primed the utility boxes, Pizza Hut donated lunch and the talent of by the GHS students.

The themed boxes can be viewed at the following intersections: Harrison/Division, Oklahoma/Division, Noble/Division and Wentz/Noble.

“The City is optimistic that the community embraces and will continue to celebrate the students’ creative efforts in our city,” Economic Development and Marketing Director Cody Mosley said.

  1. I will pray
    October 28, 2013 at 3:15 pm

    When I went to school in Guthrie, there were all sorts of downtown Guthrie projects. They were not as elaborate as the above, but we enjoyed them nevertheless. Every holiday the art students painted on the windows of the various merchants, scenes for the holidays. Probably the most fun holidays were Christmas and Halloween. Mrs. Bradshaw made certain we all enjoyed the holidays, even the merchants. We were not all fated to be artists, but we all enjoyed the time. As will the art students who have done a fine job.

    It is a shame politics have to get in the way of good old Guthrie.

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