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OU students show Guthrie is a prime candidate for entertainment success

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The City of Guthrie got a good idea of where they stand when it comes to potentially carrying the momentum when it comes to being a regional music destination.

OU's IQCProfessors and students from the University of Oklahoma’s Institute for Quality Communities (IQC) shared their findings on Tuesday from the Gentlemen of the Road stopover event held last month. The presentation was held during the city council workshop and council meeting. The presentation included information gathered from surveys during the concert weekend and proposed ideas for spending the tax revenue generated from GOTR to promote Guthrie as an arts and events destination.

A total of 546 people were surveyed over two days in the downtown festival and Cottonwood Flats with a majority (71%) of those polled in the downtown area. 78 percent of the people who took the survey were between the ages of 18 and 34 years old.

The poll revealed 88 percent traveled no more than 300 miles for the event. Perhaps, most impressively 100 percent of the people said they would return to Guthrie for a music event.

When asked, “what did you enjoy the most?” 44 percent responded with historic downtown and 25 percent said local businesses.

Parking was the top suggestion to improve with a collection of 34 percent. Next on the list was access to information (23%) followed by lodging (17%) ease of movement (15%) and food choices (13%).

“The festival helped further define Guthrie’s identity as a prime host for similar events in the future.”

Future of Guthrie?

The IQC suggested the city looking at parklets which is a small urban park in a public right-of-way. The private or public parklet would allow a variety of activities to transpire whether they were temporary, permanent or mobile.

GuthrieAn example was given with an outdoor stage placed outside the Pollard Theater to allow outdoor attraction or entertainment.

The most intriguing suggestion from the IQC came with Harrison Square – currently a parking lot between First and Second Streets on Harrison Ave.

The group believes with 12 annual planned events, the area primarily used for parking can be turned into a stage and a farmers market.

The area for the farmers market would provide outlets for local products while the stage area could provide for music entertainment along with other examples such as magicians and jugglers to perform.

Here is the complete presentation that the IQC presented to the council.

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