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Intergenerational Pre-K class having success in Guthrie

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Rhonda Gillett could never have imagined the success of the Intergenerational Pre-K class inside the Willow Creek Health Facility.

Intergenerational ClassIn its second year of operation, Guthrie Public Schools and Willow Creek have put together a classroom of 20 students in what Gillett’s says, “in the heart of Willow Creek and has become THE heart of Willow Creek.”

Along with Guthrie, Enid and Jenks have seen success bringing the school children and the residents together at the living center.

Gillett and her students make their way throughout the facility to say hi and sing to residents during the week and the “grandmas” and the “grandpas” simply can not get enough of the chatter they hear up and down the hallways.

Perhaps, the smiling faces and joyous voices they hear are reminders of their own grandchildren. Gillett and the students have a blast getting to visit and interact, but it’s clear the residents are the true winners.

“Our children have the opportunity to excel academically and form strong relationships with the residents which develops compassion and acceptance in our little ones,” Gillett said.

For tremendous updates and great stories of this program follow their Facebook page where Gillett shares the reactions between the students and residents.

On Wednesday, the students and residents welcomed the Guthrie Chamber of Commerce and business owners for the chamber coffee. The tour included the background of the program as well as a quick song (see video below) by the four and five-year-old students.

  1. Edna Swinney Nelson
    October 7, 2013 at 3:56 am

    This is truly a wonderful program and means so much to the seniors. My father, a resident at Willow Creek until his passing in May of this year, was truly blessed by this program that brought him much joy.

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