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Mayor and Thumper are now published authors

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ThumperThumper is really excited about his new book that is now available. His owner and writer is also excited about the release of a new children’s book – Thumper and the Squirrels.

Mayor Mark Spradlin announced the release of his first book and is now available for purchase on the internet and soon will have copies locally for purchase.

“Thumper is real excited about the book and he likes the way his picture looks throughout the book.  He thinks the squirrels get a little too much attention but he will just have to learn to deal with that,” Spradlin said on behalf of Thumper.

Mark Spradlin was elected Guthrie's next mayor on Tuesday.

Mayor Mark Spradlin

Thumper, the mayor’s personal pooch, translates all of his stories to his interpreter and shares his thoughts on the arch enemies, the little sneaky squirrels, who are always trying to invade his area and tries to keep them out in a contested, but in the end everyone has a fun time.

Thumper’s thoughts have now turned into a children’s book that is for parents and grandparents to read to their kids and for kids in first through third grades and higher to be able to read themselves. Spradlin says, “no one ever gets hurt and there is a champion at the end. It is really a great book.”

The 24-page book is available here to purchase at $8.99 plus shipping. The book is also available in audio format.

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