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City Manager denies claim made during tornado warning

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As the storm sirens were sounding during Thursday afternoon’s tornado warning, several were seeking immediate shelter. But a post claims that was not the case at the Guthrie Library. A claim the City Manager says she denies.

Guthrie LibraryA social media post was posted, along with an anonymous email sent to Guthrie News Page, alleging the library staff made everyone, including an elderly lady, leave the building and out into the stormy elements.

“The City of Guthrie Library staff did not deny shelter to any patrons,” City Manager Sereniah Breland said in response of the post.

The Facebook post claims the library staff told patrons if the sirens were to sound, that the procedure was to get everyone into the bathrooms. However, according to the post, when the sirens sounded the staff changed their mind and told everyone they had to leave the building.

“The library building is not an adequate facility to withstand a tornado event therefore patrons were urged to seek underground shelter at the police department. Though the city is not responsible for providing emergency public shelter, nor is there adequate space, the police department has not denied individuals a safer option,” Breland said.

“The City of Guthrie supports the swift action of the library staff to locate and direct individuals in an effort to save lives,” Breland explained in a statement.

“The Library Director has a plan in place to shelter in the restroom if a patron could not transition to a more viable location. We urge our residents to have a plan in place and remain weather aware.”

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