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Mercy Hospital Logan County Emergency Department Patient Satisfaction Ratings Increase Across the Board

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Mercy Hospital Logan County’s emergency department is focused on providing the best care possible for Guthrie and its surrounding communities. And their focus is paying off. A recently released study of the department reveals improvements in all areas surveyed – including wait times and overall quality of care.

Mercy150 people who received emergency care between October and December 2012 were randomly selected and interviewed by Professional Research Consultants, Inc. – an independent group out of Omaha, Neb. Compared to survey results from July to September 2012, the percentage of patients who ranked each category, “excellent” increased across the board.

· “Overall Quality of Care” excellence rating increased by 19.4 percent

· “Overall Teamwork Between Doctors, Nurses and Staff” excellence rating increased by 19.9 percent

· “Doctor’s Understanding and Caring” excellence rating increased by 15 percent

· “Doctor’s Instructions/Explanations of Treatment/Tests” excellence rating increased by 15.9 percent

· “Total Time Spent” excellence rating excellence rating increased by 11.2 percent

· “Staffing Keeping Patient Informed of Delays in ER” excellence rating increased by 14.5 percent

· “Likelihood of Recommending to Friends/Relatives” excellence rating increased by 18.1 percent

“This study proves our efforts are paying off for our patients,” said Josh Tucker, Mercy Hospital Logan County administrator. “Especially since recruiting Drs. Worden, Gregory and Means – who have a combined 61 years of experience in emergency care – we’re seeing a real difference in how smoothly the emergency department runs.”

Mercy data shows that since the three physicians joined, in November, the average length of time a patient is in the emergency department has declined 26 percent. The percentage of patients who left without being seen dropped from 2.36 percent to 0.48 percent.

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