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Motorcycle Safety Committee reminds riders to be “geared up, trained up”

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(OKLAHOMA CITY) – With motorcycle registrations increasing steadily in Oklahoma, the Oklahoma Advisory Committee for Motorcycle Safety and Education reminds riders to take appropriate safety precautions in order to avoid a corresponding rise in injuries and fatalities.

Guthrie News Page“Spring is a great time to remind our growing number of bikers of the importance of getting trained and wearing safety gear,” said Kevin Behrens, committee chairman. “Riders are getting their bikes out of winter storage, plus we have Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month coming up in May, so this is the time we need to be thinking about these issues.”

With that message in mind, the Oklahoma Highway Safety Office and the Oklahoma Highway Patrol have released two new television spots related to motorcycle safety.

The ads will be shown on a variety of television channels April 8-May 12 in the Tulsa and Oklahoma City metro areas.

In the videos, several bikers remind riders to be “geared up, trained up, ready to ride.” Footage includes aerial stunts by professional freestyle motocross rider “Cowboy” Kenny Bartram from Stillwater, as well as riders in urban street scenes, rural highways and rider training courses.

“One of the goals of the Advisory Committee is to raise awareness of the need for proper gear and training, so we’re excited about these new ads. They show real riders in real situations promoting an important message: Proper gear and training can save lives,” Behrens said.

OHP Troopers also are featured in the spots, and viewers are guided to OHP’s motorcycle training website, http://www.ohpsaferiders.com. A statewide web-based campaign will direct viewers to the OHP site.

To view the new safety ads on YouTube, visit
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApVNuTM66zE and

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