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89er Days Celebration set to host outdoor concert

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Guthrie’s 89er Days Celebration has an added attraction this year. On Sunday the 21st, the day after the parade, an outdoor concert at historic Mineral Wells Park will feature the Oklahoma “heartland music” of The Byron Berline Band, Kyle Dillingham and Horseshoe Road, and Guthrie family gospel bluegrass band One More Road.

Byron Berline Band

Guthrie’s own world-renowned bluegrass hero, star-studded career, founder & host of Guthrie’s annual Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival.

The music begins at 1:30 pm Sunday. A $5 suggested donation will be asked of adults, kids are free.

Music lovers, families, church groups, sports fans and history buffs will gather at the site of early day territory & statehood celebrations, church gatherings and the very first “bedlam” football game between OU & OSU (1904). Folks can wear team colors (OU/OSU bedlam), bring a picnic, a chair or blanket, and enjoy a spring afternoon with the sounds of fiddles, banjos, guitars and mandolins.

Byron Berline was inducted in February into the National Fiddler Hall of Fame, which noted him as “master bluegrass and country-rock fiddler, and influential world-class studio musician”. He is Guthrie’s own world-renowned bluegrass hero with a star-studded career, founder & host of Guthrie’s annual Oklahoma International Bluegrass Festival. http://doublestop.com/. A recent “Fiddle Fest” at his Doublestop Music Hall in Guthrie featured 15 fiddlers, ages 5 to adult, who displayed amazing promise and abilities. The energy level of the music hall was immediately elevated when fiddler Kyle Dillingham of Oklahoma City hopped onto the stage with the Berline Band for renditions of bluegrass classics in addition to Dillingham’s “Liberty”, and a beautiful “Amazing Grace”.

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89er Button 2013Kyle Dilllingham and Horseshoe Road are known state-wide and world-wide for jaw-dropping, high energy fiddlin’ “heartland acoustic” which is a mix of blues, bluegrass, gypsy jazz, western swing, country, rock and gospel. http://www.horseshoeroad.net/. The band is currently on a month-long goodwill tour representing the U.S. State Department, visiting Taiwan, Korea, Burma and Russia. Youtube and Facebook are both inundated with music clips posted by excited concert-goers in these countries. A live performance by these guys is not easily forgotten! Horseshoe Road members are Kyle Dillingham, Peter Markes (Edmond North High School orchestra director) and Brent Saulsbury (noted guitar and sax performer and teacher).

One More Road, formerly known as The Young Family Band, is from Guthrie and regularly tours churches sharing their family-style gospel bluegrass. They will also be playing on Sunday morning at Guthrie’s First Christian Church at 10:30am.

Facebook event page: Guthrie 89er Sunday Concert, https://www.facebook.com/events/499248523455444/

For more concert info, including sponsorship opportunities and donations, please contact Verla Raines, ‘89er committee, @519-0800 or verlaraines@gmail.com.

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