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Guthrie citizens wanted for promotional video “We Are Guthrie”

March 3, 2013 1 comment

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An open casting call for a promotional video entitled “We Are Guthrie” will be held on Saturday, March 9 at Community Church (Fellowship Hall) near Exit 151 and Seward Road. Filming will start at 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. This video will showcase the amazing individuals that make Guthrie what it is today. No acting required! No speaking required! You will be prompted to lip sync one short line of music, do a few fun hand-gestures, and that’s it! Read more…

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‘89er Celebration Proclamation Presented to Guthrie

March 3, 2013 5 comments

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Governor Mary Fallin signed an official Proclamation acknowledging Guthrie as the official city of the ‘89er Celebration for the State of Oklahoma.  Read more…

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Ask Dr. Anna: proper care for orphaned kittens

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I can tell that spring is approaching, as we are starting to see abandoned puppies and kittens.  In fact, I have three dachshund, terrier mixes at the clinic that are about 6 weeks old that need to be adopted.  So this week I will review proper care for orphaned kittens. Read more…

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From the Desk: process of canceling school

March 3, 2013 1 comment

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“Are we having school tomorrow?”  I can still remember asking my parents that same question and the anticipation of a magical gift of a day off as a student with snow and ice on the ground.  I always got so frustrated because they never announced school would be closed until the morning.  Of course this was long before the instant communication days we have now.  If it didn’t get on the 10 o’clock news, we knew we would have to listen to the radio in the morning.  I still remember tuning in to the radio and was so disappointed when the announcer would say we were going to school.  I can also remember being frustrated because it always seemed we went to school when we should have been closed and then we would close when the weather was better and the snow had melted. Read more…

Prom dresses, donations being accepted for GHS girls

March 3, 2013 6 comments

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A local bible study group is seeking donations and dresses for Guthrie High School girls for their upcoming prom. Read more…

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