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Crosstown Vet rebuilds and creates jobs

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The Logan County Economic Development Council wants to  share good news about business growth and expansion in the region. They spotlight examples of their 26 active loan recipients expansion projects each month, including this one shared in their monthly newsletter.

In March 2011 a level 5 tornado leveled facilities of Corey and Tasie Bertrand’s Crosstown Veterinary Services business, leaving only the small office that held the customer files and the steel ‘catch pens’ standing.

Corey and Tasie Bertrand knew not rebuilding was not an option following a tornado demolishing their vet.

Corey and Tasie Bertrand knew not rebuilding was not an option following a tornado demolishing their vet. Photo Courtesy of LCEDC.

Corey, Tasie and their employees rode out the tornado inside the dog kennels. Luckily, no people or animals were hurt. When the dust settled, the Bertrands knew they had to keep the business operating, and they would rebuild.

This devastation was followed by the hottest summer in history! Corey persisted with business operations, and did most of the large animal work at customer farms and ranches, and small animal work in a make-shift shelter. Tasie continued to manage the office from the small file room that was still standing. Although the temperature stayed near 100° all summer, customers understood their dilemna and didn’t complain about the lack of facilities and A/C.

Phase I of the rebuilding project was to build a 30’X50′ equine building that they could use for business operations while they planned and had the main building built. Upon completion of the equine building in the fall of 2011, office, files and equipment were moved into that facility and demolition and new construction of the main veterinary clinic began. Dr. Bertrand maintained operations in the equine building until the new clinic was completed in November 2012. Crosstown used local contractors and material providers for the rebuild. The entire process took an emormous amount of planning, time, sweat, and perseverance.

The LCEDC was proud to assist the Bertrands with our revolving loan fund with interim financing throughout the entire process. The LCEDC Loan Committee is fortunate to be made up of five individuals committed to business development who understand the needs of small business and are willing to meet whenever a need arises. They were instrumental in responding quickly so that Crosstown Vet could meet construction schedules without delays.

The results of this partnership have turned out to be a new equine clinic facility, an attractive veterinary clinic, grooming and boarding facilities, improved livestock pens and chutes, and significant efficiencies across the board. They have added 6 new employees and one additional veterinarian.

Go by for a tour of the new facilities – Corey and Tasie would be happy to have you visit. Crosstown Veterinary Services is located at 2102 West College in Guthrie.

Logan County Economic Development Council (LCEDC) is a membership organization made up of business and industry leadership in Logan County.  Our purpose is to promote and expand the economic base of rural Oklahoma communities by providing local, state, and Federal resources to stimulate the growth and expansion of businesses in rural counties. 

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    Cooks concrete provided the cement work(building pad) For this facility. If anyone is interested please give us a call (405)820-3505

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