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Efforts underway to repair muddy roadways

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Some of the rain everyone had been hoping for finally arrived, but when it did, roads throughout the whole county fell apart. The irony is that the rural living which appears so attractive on sunny days  becomes an issue on rainy days. Getting out of the city and away from the crowd to be in tune with Mother Nature is a thing of delight until inclement weather turns an idyllic little country road into a mud ball.

Mark SharptonDue to extended drought, many rural roads were topped with dust. The last two light rains we received converted that dust into soup. The result is that previously serene country dwellers and service personnel who use county roads for pick up and delivery are needing help.

Each of the commissioners are working to provide the needed assistance. Not only are District 1 truck drivers hauling in rock from Pawnee to improve roadways, but we have ordered an extra $20,000 of rock from Joe Brown Company to be trucked in to expedite the effort. Grader operators are also out reshaping roads to improve drainage. We certainly share the concern of the public about roadway conditions and will be addressing needs as quickly and capably as possible.

  1. January 14, 2013 at 9:27 am

    That’s good to hear! Since part of Western was blacktopped, the remaining part has had very little maintenance. Would be nice to have some gravel. Haven’t had that in a long while, either.

  2. Pamela Hardesty
    January 18, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    What about District 2, only thing they put on our dirt roads is some kind of red clay CRAP that only adhere’s to your vehicle and not the road when wet!!! Driving a 4 wheel drive vehicle doesn’t matter you will still slide off the road, we would love to get some gravel on our roads!!!

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