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Murphey appointed to third term as Government Modernization Chairman

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Local state Representative Jason Murphey has been appointed to a third term as Chairman of the House of Representatives Government Modernization Committee. Murphey was re-appointed by incoming Speaker of the House T.W. Shannon.

State Represenative Jason Murphey

State Represenative Jason Murphey

“The ongoing existence of a standing committee on government modernization demonstrates the commitment of Speaker Shannon and the House to downsize the size of state government and make it more transparent,” Murphey explained.

Over the past four years, the committee has advanced numerous initiatives that went into law after winning committee approval. Recent studies have shown that the culmulative effects of these initiatives are set to save millions of dollars every year. The committee has also served as the starting point for multiple transperancy initatives, including the data.ok.gov and documents.ok.gov web portals.

Murphey believes this will be the year when the committee becomes institutionalized as an integral part of the legislative process. “In the next few months, it will be our goal to launch numerous legislative initiatives designed to target very specific inefficiencies or less-than transparencies within state government,” Murphey said.

“This is possible because of the interest numerous members of the House have shown in the committee’s modernization efforts. These legislators will seek placement on the committee and work to advance modernization legislation. This means that the modernization effort has truly become a team initiative, the effects of which should be long lasting and significant.”

Newly elected State Representative Mike Turner will serve as the committee’s Vice-Chairman. Along with Murphey, Turner represents the Edmond/Deer Creek areas.

“I am looking forward to working with Rep. Turner. He has demonstrated a commitment to the principles of smaller government and transparency that is a great fit for the committee,” Murphey stated.

Murphey and Turner will call the first meeting of the newly re-created committee to order in February.

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