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2012 – A year in review for Guthrie News Page

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2012 was the first full calendar year that Guthrie News Page brought you the news and events regarding Guthrie and surrounding communities.

With 2012 coming to an end and 2013 around the corner, GNP has compiled a list of the top 20 stories from the past year based on page views.

1. Local attorney arrested for second time in 10 months – Apr. 9

A Guthrie attorney was arrested in his home on Easter Sunday.

2. Guthrie Schools place on high alert after threat; student arrested – Dec. 17

A Guthrie High School student has been arrested after making a threat of a school shooting last Friday to other students.

3. Mother killed by husband was a Guthrie graduate –Feb. 29

A Guthrie High School graduate and her baby are dead after being killed by the husband and father.

4. Fatality claimed on Cimarron River bridge – Sept. 3

One person has died in a two-vehicle accident on the Cimarron River bridge just north of Guthrie.

5. Accidental shooting claims life of small child – Dec. 15

A tragic accident has ended the life of a three-year-old child.

6. Two killed on I-35; driver speeds in wrong direction – Sept. 8

Two people were killed early Saturday morning and two others were taken to a hospital as a driver was seen speeding in the wrong direction on I-35.

7. Driver, passenger passes out with child in back seat at McDonalds – Feb. 13

Two people were arrested early Sunday morning when they were found passed out in the McDonald’s drive thru with a child not properly fastened in the back seat.

8. Local bar owner files suit against City of Guthrie – May 9

The owner of Halftime Bar and Grill has filed a suit against the City of Guthrie, including four Guthrie police officers.

9. Guthrie woman killed in early morning vehicle accident – Dec. 7

High speeds appear to be the cause of a single vehicle accident that claimed a Guthrie life early this morning on Interstate 35.

10. Double fatality auto accident near Coyle – Feb. 1

Two people have died due to a multi-vehicle accident just east of Coyle.

11. Police arrest six in burglary ring; investigation continues – June 22

Just hours after a home surveillance tape surfaced of one person looking to break into two vehicles, the Guthrie Police have arrested six people involved in a rash of recent car burglaries.

12. Police take $12k of drugs off the streets – Aug 31

The Guthrie Police Department took $12,000 of drugs off the streets, along with two guns, after receiving a phone call from the Guthrie Post Office about a suspicious package Thursday morning.

13. Fatal accident kills off-duty police officer in Logan County – Dec. 5

An off-duty Oklahoma City police officer, along with a second person, has died after a one-car crash in southern Logan County.

14. Poll: who will get your Republican vote for Sheriff on June 26? – May 31

Guthrie News Page is conducting a poll to see who you will vote for in the Republican race for Logan County Sheriff.

15. Victim found with stab wound early Sunday morning – Nov. 25

A Guthrie man was assaulted and later stabbed early Sunday morning following an argument at a local bar.

16 Body found along Logan County highway – Dec 12

Guthrie News Page has confirmed with the Logan County Sheriff’s Office that a body has been found along a highway just east of Guthrie.

17. Dog feces spotted in purse leads to animal rescue – July 24

An animal rescue team was called out to a Logan County home to rescue several Boston Terrier dogs and puppies after feces was spotted in a woman’s purse.

18. Vehicle accident claims life in county – July 4

A rollover accident in southern Logan County has left one person dead.

19. Guthrie man arrested seven times in four months – Oct. 29

A Guthrie man has consistently found himself in trouble with the law seven times in the past four months and has been arrested nine times in the past 15 months.

20. Video captures images of car burglary suspect – June 21

A surveillance tape has surfaced of one person responsible for a recent rash of vehicle burglaries in the Guthrie area. Police suspect there could be more.

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  1. David F
    December 29, 2012 at 3:28 pm

    How sad, the top 20 list is mostly murders and accidents. Nothing you can really do about it, as the ranking is based on what people actually looked at, but still, it makes me a little sad.

  1. December 31, 2012 at 12:01 pm

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