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OHP prepares for possible inclement weather

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Area forecasters are predicting incoming weather with a 90 percent chance of mixed precipitation throughout the state.  There is a winter weather storm warning for several counties which includes predicted snow fall of four to six inches for areas in central & south central Oklahoma.

OHPState Troopers are preparing for weather and road conditions by concentrating patrols on major thoroughfares such as I-40, I-35 and I-44 corridors, as well as heavily traveled Turnpikes & State Highways.

“Travel planning should always include monitoring weather and road conditions.  Its a good idea to pack a travel kit which includes a can of de-icer and extra clothing items to keep warm.  Check news stations for possible incoming weather & make sure your vehicle is winter-ready with new wiper blades, proper fluid & good tire tread” stated OHP spokesman LT George Brown.

Troopers recommend adjusting travel speeds to match road & weather conditions, allow extra room between vehicles while driving & always travel with a cell phone & charger.  If motorists encounter a vehicle breakdown or travel problem, they may call *55 to contact local OHP Troop Headquarters.

For the latest Oklahoma road conditions you may call 1-405-425-2385 or visit our road conditions web page at http://www.dps.state.ok.us & click on the “Weather-Related Road Conditions” icon to the right.

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