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Snow routes announced for City of Guthrie

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With the potential threat of incoming winter weather on Christmas Day, the City of Guthrie has released their priorities on snow clearing and sanding schedule for city roads.

The city will maintain U.S. Highway 77 (Division, I-35 to Cleveland; Cleveland, Division to Wentz; Wentz, Cleveland north to city limits). State Highway 33 (Noble, I-35 to west city limits).

The city has listed three list of priorities:

Priority No. 1

Emergency Services – Police, Fire/EMS, Sheriff’s Office, Mercy Hospital, Job Corps Center and Nursing Homes.
Oklahoma Ave – Pine to 5th
Academy – State Highway 33 to Old Highway 33 (19th Street)
19th – Academy State Highway 33
Harrison – Pine to Springer
2nd Street – Harrison to Lincoln
Walnut – Noble to Hillcrest
Drexel – Noble to Elmwood
Perkins – Division to Hazel
Pine – Industrial to Cooksey
Industrial – Pine to West City Limits
Sooner – Division to Seward
Seward – I-35 to Coltrane
Hillview/Lakeside/Cove Dr.
Coltrane/Lake, Seward to Sooner
Allen Road
Sigma Road/Ruhl Dr
Cimarron Blvd (Best Western)
Heather and Battles Ave (Sleep Inn)
Wal-Mart loop
Beemer Road (Sewer Plant)

Priority No. 2

Schools (Cotteral, Central, Jr. High, Fogarty, Faver and GUES)
Remaining portions of the downtown area
College – Walnut to Academy
College – Pine to I-35
Hillcrest, Pine to Walnut
N. Division – Noble to College
Mockingbird Addition
Capital – Noble to dead end south

Priority No. 3

Academy – Highway 33 to Convenience Center
Hill Drive
1st Street – Harrison to Lincoln
17th Street/Lombardy, College to Dead end
Forest Hills Rd and Addition

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