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State and Federal funding enable major improvements in county infrastructure

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I have mentioned in the past that without state and federal funding sources, it would be difficult for the county to make major road and bridge improvements. This is because currently each commissioner district receives an average of only $214.00 per month per mile for maintenance of the county highway system.

Mark SharptonThe current cost to pave a mile with 2.5 inches of asphalt is $84,506. This does not include the expense of road base preparation, right-of-way clearing or drainage improvements.

Bridges are even more costly. The one on Broadway which went to bid through ODOT earlier this year and which is now under construction is costing $1,115,636.70. Replacing a bridge on Charter Oak Rd., an upcoming project, will be $634,981.60.

Where did we get funding for these projects? From a combination of state and federal transportation programs. However, the funding did not just drop into our laps. We acquired it through much effort and intense planning, beginning at the county level.

First of all, we had to learn about funding sources and how to prepare applications knowledgeably. We invested time in attending transportation meetings, many per month, which is something we
continue to do. There are times when “running around to meetings” pays big dividends for the citizens of Logan County. This allowed us to gather information and stay abreast of opportunities for funding. We became familiar with what we refer to as the “alphabet soup” of the trade; CBRI, CIRB, CED, ETR, ACOG, ITTC, STP, TIP, CDBG, REAP and more. These are programs and resources related to transportation funding. Familiarity with these, followed by hours of hard work, has enabled the commissioners to bring in millions of dollars for road and bridge improvements throughout the county.

To learn more about the process and projects, go to http://www.commissiondistrict1.com.

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