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Little League program donates sprinkler system to practice field

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Guthrie Little League Football is carrying on their long-standing tradition of giving back to the older BlueJay programs at Guthrie High School, but their most recent donation will have a positive effect on more than just football.

Asst. Coach Ric Meshew goes through some drills with campers at the GHS practice field. Photo By Chris Evans

Assistant. Coach Ric Meshew goes through some drills with campers at the GHS practice field. Photo By Chris Evans

Tradition dictates that after the season is over, surplus funds in the Little League’s coffers are used to make improvements to the facilities and/or equipment at the Junior High and High School level. In years past, items such as ice machines and video equipment have been purchased for the older Jays.

This year, League Coordinator Seth Robbins delivered a check for $5,500 to head football coach Rafe Watkins, that was earmarked for installing an underground sprinkler system at the practice facility located between Guthrie Upper Elementary and the high school.

In addition to varsity, junior varsity and freshman football teams practicing on the turf, so does the Little League football teams, both the boys and girls soccer teams practice and play games, and several other organizations and grade levels of physical education utilize the surface as well.

Currently, the field is watered using a traditional hose-fed water wheel system with one sprinkler head. During the hot, dry summers of the last few years, it required the football coaching staff move and maintain the sprinkler on a daily basis and almost around the clock. Now, with the advent of the automatic underground system, watering will be far more efficient and effective.

“With the amount of use and abuse this field gets, combined with the watering limitations we have, it’s just a testament to a very deep and old root system that there is any grass left on this field at all once we get to the middle of football season,” Watkins said.

Robbins summed the entire project as a win-win for everyone.

“This is a win-win for everyone involved. Our goal is to send money ahead, so our little guys will continue to have excellent resources in and around the high school program when they get there.”

Robbins went on to say, “now, our home games at the little league level will be played on a much better-looking, softer surface – then when you realize the other programs and kids this surface benefits, it’s just a bonus.”

Construction on the new sprinkler system was slated to start almost immediately after the delivery of the funds from the Little League program along with additional funds from a private donor. Weather-permitting, the project should be completed this month.

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