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Council approves to apply for grant money; sets election and meeting dates

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The Guthrie City Council met for 49 minutes in their regular scheduled meeting Tuesday evening and passed several agenda items, including an ordinance that will hopefully land an $8,000 grant award from the Oklahoma Tobacco Settlement Endowment Trust.

Guthrie City HallThe City of Guthrie became the 15th town statewide to accept the ordinance (3243) as a Social Host Ordinance restricting service of alcoholic beverages to minors in a social setting.

Although it is a state law and already enforced by the local authorities, to earn the grant money the city needs to meet the required criteria of having the verbage of a city ordinance to show the writers of the grant that is indeed enforced. The council passed the ordinance 5-1.

The lone no vote came from Councilwoman Patty Hazlewood, who questioned the ordinance. Hazlewood asked the presenters “are we enforcing this now?” and “if it was okay to start with why do we need more?”

“I think we are putting more government on us on top of government. If we have something stated already and it works leave it alone,” Hazlewood stated.

After further explanation on the reason for the ordinance, Hazlewood concluded with “so it just comes down to money?”

The council will vote again in 2013 to receive the grant.

In other council business:

– approved to add Grandparents to the definition of immediate family for consideration for time off from work. Prior to the amendment, employee’s would require vacation or comp time.

– approved Loretta Fortney, Jessie Bryan and Joe Chappell to the Guthrie Park Board.

– approved the Justice Assistance Grant in the amount of $9,970.68 to purchase Mobile Cop Software, Fingerprint readers and wireless air link cards.

– approved regular scheduled meeting dates for 2013.

– approved the primary and general elections for the offices of Mayor, council members and voting precincts. Filing for candidacy will be Feb. 4-6 while the primary date is set for March 5 and the general election date on April 2. The City has budgeted $7,513 to hold the elections.

– approved to support the second phase of development of the Silent Harvest Homes addition on W. Oklahoma. The resolution waives the fees of building permits and other city provided services in the amount of $14,001.00.

– approved ordinance (3244) for rules and regulations regarding waterfowl hunting at Liberty Lake.

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