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Commission District 1 update

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In District 1 we have a ten-man crew who perform maintenance on 275 miles of county roadway. I often tell people this is approximately the distance from Guthrie to Corsicana, Texas. When you think of it that way, it helps you understand what a challenge the county faces with a limited workforce and a constrained budget. However, we are grateful for what we do accomplish.

Mark SharptonSometimes our efforts are enhanced because of citizens who assist the county in enabling improvements. Some of these are the residents of Oak Tree Addition who donated over $60,000 to improve deteriorating roadways within their neighborhood. Last week the District 1 crew
finished preparing those roads for paving. County workers ground up, graded, packed, patched, watered and broomed road base within the addition so Atlas Paving could begin laying asphalt, a job they just completed.

Now the road crew has returned to Broadway to continue patching areas along the three mile route from Waterloo to Simpson which is also scheduled for repaving. Today we encumbered funds for asphalt so that when repairs are completed, this project can advance as well. In the meantime, please drive carefully throughout work zones.

Progress also continues on Broadway Bridge as construction workers prepare framework for pouring the deck.  When the bridge and the three miles of new paving are complete, Broadway will have undergone significant improvement. This is a process we hope to continue throughout District 1 as resources become available.

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