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Bridge construction begins on University

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Construction of a new bridge on University Ave. has begun and will replace an older, narrow, wooden structure.

Photo By Chris Evans

Photo By Chris Evans

District 2 Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson says the new bridge, just east of Midwest Blvd., will help with future development as well as improving safety.

“A 20 ton bridge weight limit will enable the passage of construction equipment should it be needed at a future time for housing development in the area. The new bridge will improve safety and bring it up to Oklahoma Department of Transportation standards.”

Scurlock Industries, of Miami, OK, was awarded the bid in June to construct the bridge.

Pearson says the new, prefabricated bridge will be 26 feet wide and 27 feet long and will conform to all ODOT standard specifications for highway construction.

Before construction begins, the county will construct a low-water crossing to handle traffic during construction. The county will clear the creek bank of trees and brush, clean the creek bed and pour concrete footing for the new bridge. Construction and placement of the bridge will be in coordination with the contractor’s engineer and the county’s engineer.

The construction is expected to take four to six weeks.

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  1. Shayla
    December 3, 2012 at 2:03 pm

    We are glad to have the new bridge, however, we have some issues with driving to fast in the neighborhood! In afraid this new bridge will increase speeds. There are lots of young kids in the neighborhood!!

  2. Martin Hoel
    December 3, 2012 at 2:30 pm

    this is really sorry to be replacing a bridge for a few high dollar houses when the one lane bridge needs to be replaced on midwest first so you can get equipment to this area now we know where the priority is money

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