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Residents endure attic fire just days after moving in

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Before they could even get comfortable in their new rented home, Guthrie residents were forced to evacuate their house Thursday evening due to a fire in the attic.

GFD responded just after 9:30 p.m. to this house fire.

The Guthrie Fire Department was called out just after 9:30 p.m. to 509 N. Broad for the structure fire. Firefighters made quick access into the home and kept the fire maintained to the attic area where the fire had started.

Two people were inside the home at the time, but were able to get out safely. They had only been in the home for a few days and have had issues with the heating unit turning on.

There were no injuries reported at the scene.

Firefighters could not be certain as to what started the fire, but believe it could be related to an electrical issue.

Despite the fire being contained to the attic, the home suffered some water damage. However, firefighters put several tarps down inside the home to collect water and moved furniture away from the water dripping from the attic to the second floor and down to the first floor.

OG&E was called to the home to cut the power off and Red Cross responded to help assist the residents.

The fire department has now responded to three structure fires in the past six days.

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