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Mercy Hospital Logan County resumes operations following chemical leak

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Around 2 a.m. Monday, Mercy Hospital Logan County co-workers were draining an instrument they use to run tests (like glucose, liver panels, kidney, etc.) in the lab. Because of a backed-up pipe, chemicals leaked onto the lab floor.

“Our co-workers did a great job following safety protocol, and immediately called Guthrie Fire Department,” said Hospital Administrator Josh Tucker. “Guthrie Fire and hazardous material management specialists (EMI) came to the hospital to clean up and make sure the hospital was safe for our patients and co-workers. We had the all-clear by 5 a.m.”

As a precaution for about an hour, while Guthrie FD and EMI made sure the leaked chemicals weren’t putting anyone in danger, emergency patients were temporarily diverted to other area hospitals.

Fourteen patients were in the hospital at the time and Guthrie FD and EMI agreed patients and co-workers were in no danger as a result of the leak.

If an evacuation was needed the fire department made prior contact with OU Medical in Edmond.

“We’re so grateful these safety measures are in place in case things like this happen,” said Tucker. “We’re even more grateful everyone is OK, and we can continue serving Logan County without interruption.”

Mercy maintenance crews are working to find out what caused the back-up and will correct it as soon as possible. Hospital administrators expect no delays in lab testing.

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