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Over nine miles of paving improvements planned

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We are multi-tasking at District 1. Current projects planned or underway include preparing to pave three miles of Broadway from Waterloo to Simpson and various streets within Oak Tree Addition; construction of Broadway Bridge at Camp Road; replacement of the bridge on Charter Oak one-half mile west of Santa Fe, paving Simpson from Sooner to Coltrane, and numerous guardrail replacement and pavement marking projects.

On Broadway Road, the road crew is working to excavate and restabilize areas of base failure prior to Atlas Paving Company laying asphalt. On Broadway Bridge, construction continues with Feb. 2013 as the target date for completion.

In Oak Tree, homeowners donated over $60,000 to the county to improve roads within their addition. We borrowed equipment from Oklahoma County to use in grinding up deteriorated areas of roadway so we could stabilize base before Atlas begins paving. We are working to
coordinate the Broadway and Oak Tree projects while we have use of the borrowed equipment. This, in addition to the fact that we have only a nine-man crew, means we juggle to perform ordinary maintenance and these special projects.

The bridge on Charter Oak recently went to bid through ODOT and bids will be approved Nov. 5. After that we await notice from ODOT regarding the pre-work conference and the date for when the project begins.

Environmental clearance on Simpson between Sooner and Coltrane should be completed in December. This one-mile paving project will be funded through the Fiscal Year 2014 Transportation Improvement Program administered by ACOG.

Each step completed in the planning process means we have a greater opportunity to request that the project be moved up. We have done this successfully in the past on other projects and hope to succeed again.

The guardrail replacement and pavement marking projects were funded through ACOG as well and we are pushing them through the process as rapidly as possible in order to ask for early funding.

As I mentioned last week, right of-way acquisition is also beginning on a major five-mile paving  project planned for Coltrane. Much isunderway and I will keep you informed on our progress.

Mark Sharpton
District 1

  1. my two cents
    November 8, 2012 at 5:45 am

    Hey Mr. Mark sharpton how about finishing paving accademy rd. Going south like you told the home owners out that way that you were gonna do 3yrs ago. Its pretty dumb to to pave a half a mile and then just stop don’t you think. I mean what was the point. I know a lot of people that wont be voting for you cause of that. And why don’t you people of Guthrie (Logan Co.) Save some money and put pee graveled down on dirt roads and then spray it with asphalt oil instead of using Seward gravile which tears up peoples cars. Thank you for listening to my two cents.

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