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GPWA likely to approve supplying water to Coyle

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The Guthrie Public Works Authority will meet Tuesday evening and one item on the agenda is to approve supplying water to the City of Coyle.

The Guthrie Water Treatment Plant – Photo By Chris Evans

Back in June of this year, residents of Coyle received noticed from the Department of Environmental Quality that their drinking water contained a high level of uranium. Since that time, Coyle officials have unanimously agreed to purchase water from the GPWA.

Currently, Coyle receives their water from a well, but the water is not treated.

Former Guthrie City Manager Matt Mueller made two presentations on what Guthrie could offer the town of about 300 citizens.

The Take or Pay contract would provide the GPWA to deliver water through the Langston line and addresses the cost of laying additional line from Langston University, who the GPWA already supplies water too, along State Highway 33 to the intersection of Iowa and Main streets in Coyle.

A master meter station and a pressure reducing valve station would also be installed.

The financial structure of the contract will allow Coyle’s payment to include the debt service of the loan the GPWA will assume for the project.

The Guthrie plant, located 1115 S. Division, can produce about six million gallons of water per day and currently peaks at around two million. It is estimated Coyle would use about 33,000 gallons each day, or one million gallons per month.

Another possibility Coyle officials looked at was to dig another well.

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