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Military Channel blows up vehicle for upcoming episode

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The Military Channel was in Guthrie filming an upcoming television episode by showing off some high power weapons that resulted in some high explosions at the Guthrie Police Department’s firing range.

Former Army Ranger and Air Force Para-rescueman Wil Willis hosts Military Channel’s newest look inside the history of modern warfare in Triggers: Weapons that Changed the World.

The show is expected to air sometime in January 2013. Photo Gallery

Combining history, science, technology and revealing demonstrations, this cutting-edge series examines the evolution of firearms and how the development of each one changed the face of combat forever. With access to the top firearms collections in the world, Willis takes viewers on an all-inclusive look into each weapon as he thoroughly examines, tests, critiques and fires each one.

Perhaps, the biggest part of the show will be when the team fires at a Jeep vehicle several yards away causing an explosion that sends Jeep parts scattering.

In each episode of Triggers, Willis is joined by historical and technical experts to test a series of iconic firearms and examine what made each one unique from competitors in its class. Gun-mounted cameras and high-speed photography capture every moment of the bullet’s trajectory, featuring its explosive escape from the barrel to the powerful force the impact makes on its target. Each weapon has an antecedent that sparked its development, as well as a successor that improved upon its technology—or was developed in response to its supremacy. Each was developed for one reason: to gain a competitive edge over the enemy, and the winner was the biggest, best or fastest weapon.

Episodes explore battle rifles from the musket to the modern-day sniper rifle, submachine guns, artillery, and even the AK-47, a Cold War creation also known as the single most deadly firearm in history. The series also looks at the Rocket Propelled Grenades (RPGs), known as the AK-47 of rockets.

Oklahoma Machine Guns LLC, located in Oklahoma City, provided a numerous selections of machines guns for the show to use for filming. The company also helps police officers, SWAT teams and troops stay up to date on the latest of weapons they may see on the streets.

Steve Hazelwood, with OKMG, along with show producers want everyone to know the stunts and events were closely supervised by professionals and that no one should attempt to duplicate anything they see, hear or read about it.

“It’s extremely dangerous not to mention its extremely illegal,” Hazelwood said.

For more on the show visit the Triggers website.

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