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GUES students learn about health and fit from former players

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Two former Oklahoma Sooner football players joined up with Fuel Up To Play, along with Logan County officials, and spoke to elementary students Tuesday morning about eating healthy and being active.

Fuel Up to Play 60 activated schools and communities to support school wellness initiatives, good nutrition and physical activity, which help educate students and curb obesity.

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Players Brandon Caleb and Shawn Sublet spoke to fourth, fifth and sixth grade students at Guthrie Upper Elementary Students and stressed to students that they must have good grades, eat healthy and exercise.

Helping with the cause are Cathy James with the Logan County Extension Service, Logan County’s Nutrition and Fitness Coordinator Courtney Thompson, Susan Allen with Dairy Max and GUES Physical Education teachers Cass Brassard and Keith Hedge.

After their motivational speeches, the players and students took on a stretching and exercise routine inside the gymnasium before going outside and walking around the school’s trail.

A walking program has been setup for students beginning at 7:30 a.m. each morning. For each 30-minute walk, students earns beads for their participation.

In partnership with the National Dairy Council, Dairy MAX, and the National Football League (NFL), GUES and its students recruited friends, parents, teachers and business and community leaders to join them in pledging to adopt healthier behaviors, such as choosing foods encouraged by the United States Department of Agriculture, which has also joined the initiative, and committing to 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

The following help the students receive the message of eating healthy and staying fit: Courtney Thompson, Keith Hedge, Cass Brassard, Brandon Caleb, Cathy James, Shawn Sublet, Irma Douglas and Susan Allen.

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