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City Manager expected to be named on Tuesday

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Just days after the departure of Matt Mueller as the city manager, the Guthrie City Council appears to have their top choice for his replacement.

Guthrie News Page has learned Sereniah Breland has accepted the Guthrie position and will be announced as early as Tuesday evening’s council meeting.

According to mySouTex.com, Breland is expected to hand in her resignation as the Goliad, TX City Administrator on Tuesday at the Goliad city council meeting.

It is unknown as to when Breland would begin her tenure at Guthrie, but would likely come toward the end of October. In the meantime, City Clerk Wanda Calvert has been serving as the interim manager since September 15.

Breland told the website, “Goliad knew I  had committed to two years and I’ll be hitting that two-year mark on Oct. 1.”

Prior to her position with Golid, Breland served the City of Sugar Land, Tx as their Support Services Director and before that was the Recycling Coordinator for the City of Denton and Assistant to the City Manager for the City of Greenville.

Before entering local government, Breland taught World History, Government and Economics in the Texas towns of  Garland and Mesquite .

Breland earned her Master of Public Affairs degree from the University of Texas at Dallas and received her Bachelor of Business Administration degree from the University of Stephen F. Austin State University.

She enjoys the outdoors, reading, cycling and kayaking.

Guthrie News Page will be at the council meeting and will release updates as they become available. The Guthrie council will also consider action concerning the City Attorney and City Judge.

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