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County recognizes employees with Safety Awards

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Logan County Emergency Manager David Ball presented seven Logan County employee’s with a certificate of achievement for safety at the recent Logan County Commissioners meeting.

The workers were acknowledged for years of service of being accident free in their work. For their efforts, they were given a certificate and a $20 gift certificate.

Highlighting the list was Patty Slater, who works in the County Court Clerk’s Office, who has been shown safety for now 30 years.

Michael Metcalf, who works in the Logan County Assessor’s Office and Gregg Trecek, in District 2, were recognized for 15 years. David Christy and Heather Dudek were recognized for 10 years of safety in District 2.

At the Sheriff’s Office, Tom Kutay and Troy Freeborn were noticed for five years.

Pictured left to right: Tom Kutay, David Christy, Heather Dudek, Michael Metcalf and Gregg Trecek. Photo By Chris Evans


  1. November 18, 2012 at 10:21 pm

    Congratulations to all!It is best to be accident free in work always.

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