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City buildings going back up post 2011 tornado

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The construction of the City of Guthrie’s Municipal Services Buildings, that were destroyed by the May 24, 2011 tornado, are beginning to take shape as workers continue to rebuild the structures.

The Guthrie Animal Shelter and municipal buildings were among the structures that were hit by the EF-5 twister that started 8 miles northwest of Binger and ended 4 miles northeast of Guthrie for a total of 75 miles on the ground. The twister is the biggest ever to hit Guthrie.

The city was forced to move their Public Works operations to a temporary building, at 1923 Ruhl Drive, for the Public Works facility.

Municipal Services is located at 407 Commerce Blvd. This division is responsible for the support of all departments relating to Municipal Services, which includes incoming calls, radio communications, and reception of citizens, sales persons, and other visitors. This division manages the tracking program for complaints and daily work orders for eight departments. It promotes and oversees the construction and maintenance of the city’s

Equipment sheds have had metal sides installed as well as the roof. Workers were seen Thursday afternoon working on the inside of the shell.

With the construction, the buildings will be upgraded from their prior state.


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