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County fire departments in need of assistance

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Firefighters of the recent wildfires around Logan County are in need of supplies. Meanwhile, others are thankful for the generous donations.

Citizens pile up the Guthrie fire station up with sports drinks and water.

Fire officials are  collecting donations of water, sport drinks and snacks.

Woodcrest and Sooner Volunteer Fire Departments are in need of water and sports drinks at this time. Both Meridian and Coyle Fire Departments are in need of snacks.

Cashion is currently asking for sports drinks.

Oak Cliff is asking for “all they can get.”

The American Red Cross has been tremendous with their efforts this year, but simply can not be at each fire that may occur and with no relief in sight crews will need to be prepared for the potential of more wild fires.

Guthrie Fire Chief Eric Harlow recently ask for support for the Guthrie fire station and citizens responded with numberous cases of water and sports drinks. Harlow thanked everyone who made the donations and appreciated their support during this run of wild fires.

Donations can be dropped off at these locations:

Coyle – 218 E Lewis –  405-466-3741
Meridian – 12250 Highway 105 – 405-586-4775
Woodcrest – 11975 S. Douglass – 405-282-6567
Sooner – 6424  Midwest Blvd – 405-282-9494 – or – Terry’s Gun & Pawn, 107 W Cleveland Ave.
Oak Cliff – 13425 S Bryant Road – 405-340-9115

Here is a list of other fire departments in the county that you can contact to see if they need donations.

Cashion – 400 N Main – 405-433-2058
Crescent – 205 N Grand – 405-969-2538
Langston -201 S Langston – 405-466-2280
Marshall – 204 E Main – 580-935-6666
Mulhall – 405-760-5061
Orlando – Fifth and Main – 580-455-2200
Twin Lakes – 1243 Squirrel Road – 405-969-2222

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