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Train bridge goes up in flames

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Guthrie fire crews continue to work grass fires this summer, including a fire north of Guthrie on Friday afternoon.

The Guthrie Fire Department needed five units, along with assistance from Coyle, Mulhall, Crescent and Woodcrest, to put out a fire on Beemer Road.

EMI provided a tanker while District 2 brought out a dozer to create a fire line.

Firefighters battled the fire that torched the old train bridge and the surrounding area.

Earlier in the day, Guthrie extinguish a grass fire in the median of I-35 just south of Seward Road.

Guthrie brush trucks needing repair 

The Guthrie Fire Department ran into a few issues with equipment on Friday.

Brush 1 suffered a tire puncture from an apparent railroad spike while working the fire on Beemer Road. Meanwhile, Brush 2 suffered a fire under the hood en route to a fire around Highway 33 and Post.

The fire under the hood may have been the result of a bad fuse.

  1. David F
    August 4, 2012 at 6:53 pm

    If you’ll pardon the pun, Sooner’s BP-2 burned up it’s pump after running all Friday night. It’s the weekend, so they took it to Guthrie to see if they could figure something out. Otherwise, it will be Monday before it is fixed. So, no Brush Pumpers available for mutual aid, the other Brush Pumper is staying close by to fight any Sooner Fires that crop up. It’s only Engine is down too, it won’t be looked at until Monday as well. July was hard on the equipment.

  2. Perry M. Patterson
    August 7, 2012 at 8:14 pm

    The image pertaining to this article was taken from my torched property. I have yet to be notified by GFD of damage or possible mitigating action I might implement t prevent future problems. My property tax bill indicates it would be prudent to communicate with me when a problem such as this take place on my property. It somewhat irritates me when I have to be kept in the loop by reading the GNL web page. Who is running this county?

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