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Logan County District 2 Update: Great County to Write About‏

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Most of our updates have centered around paving roads, strategizing on how to get funding for infrastructure improvements, rehabilitating county roads with shale, building bridges, soil erosion prevention, etc. This time, however, I want to share with you what county
officials in other areas of our nation have been writing about.

Logan County Commissioner Mike Pearson

A web search led me to conclude that many of the less populated counties do not seem to take advantage of electronic media opportunities. Even some of the larger counties provided little more than a biography of elected officials. However, I found plenty of
information in the super-populated counties.

Their updates have titles like “Approval of off Track Betting Bankruptcy Legislation,” – an article about state legislation which would allow the county’s “Off Track Betting (OTB) to enter into Chapter 9 bankruptcy protection and to use their capital reserve fund for corporate expenses.” Another update is “New Artist Opportunities along the Expo Line.” This is a program with a budget of between $130,000 to $230,000 for each of seven rail stations in Los Angeles County to pay artists to paint two-dimensional artwork. (And by the  way, for any budding artist out there, you don’t have to have experience in public art to qualify). Another headline is “Department of Inspection and Code Enforcement to Conduct Sweep,” – an article stating “a sweep… in an ongoing effort to address property violations  for quality of life enforcement.” Other county articles include “Ethics and Compliance Commission Formed” and “Free Foreclosure Assistance,” (Ouch!)

After surfing the net, I decided it wasn’t all that bad to be commissioner in a county that doesn’t have a lot of bureaucracy and one in which updates can focus on improving roads and bridges.

Another interesting fact I gleaned in my investigation was that one county with a population of 1,493,350 posted an article which within 10 days had only 184 viewers. I can truthfully say that more people in Logan County, with its population of 41,848, are informed of county news.

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