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United Way distributes $250,840 to local partners

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Steve Gentling, President, United Way of Logan County, announced recently that the Board of Directors had approved the record setting allocation of $250,840 to the 10 partner agencies which assist those Logan County residents in need. 

Chuck Hayes, Chairman of the Allocations Committee, said “The volunteers who worked on the Allocations Committee this year did another superb job of evaluating the agency requests and comparing the needs of Logan County residents with the resources that were available.  The committee put in many hours trying to find the best match of dollars with needs.  Even though the distribution is a record amount, it was not enough to meet the requests of all our partner agencies.  However, we feel confident that the allocation does provide the most “bang for the buck”. 

Rachel Mueller, local United Way Coordinator, noted “Our regular campaign generated almost $191,000 with the rest of the quarter of a million dollars coming from specific designations by individuals who work for companies, the Federal or State Governments in Edmond or Oklahoma City. Those individual contributions, sometimes with matching corporate donations, specifically designate the United Way of Logan County or one of the 10 partner agencies in Logan County.” 

Gentling reflected on the last campaign, even as the Board of Directors prepares for the next campaign, “We have tremendous needs in Logan County and many many individuals and businesses providing wonderful support in trying to meet those needs. The United Way and our partner agencies truly reflect the motto, “Local giving to meet local needs”. 

Thanks to the many volunteers who make this effort possible and to the many contributors who give the dollars that “drive the train”.

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