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Traveler thankful for two Logan County Deputies

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Two Logan County Deputies are being called heroes from a lady who was traveling I-35 from Kansas City to Lawton last Friday evening.

Sarah Collins became frustrated and nervous as she looked in her mirror to see red and blue lights flashing from a Logan County Deputy telling her to pull her moving truck that was towing her personal vehicle over.

However, it was Deputy Steven Haga informing Collins that her chains were dragging on the highway and sparking flames. Upon inspection of her vehicle, they found the car had shifted from the tow package. With still a lengthy trip remaining to Lawton, it was likely the car would have detached from the moving truck.

“I cannot begin to tell you how helpful and reassuring your deputy was,” Collins told Sheriff Jim Bauman in a social media post. “

Collins said the car had become stuck because the straps had wrapped around in a terrible mess. Haga worked to free the car to reload it properly, but was unable and called fellow Deputy Greg Randolph for assistance.

“These men worked for close to an hour on the side of I-35 to get my car secured safely on the tow package. At the end of the ordeal, they were filthy, covered in sweat, grass, and tire grease. I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciated them,” Collins said.

Collins was under a fair amount of stress as she began the 437 mile trip driving a moving truck for the first time with her vehicle behind it.

“After your deputy pulled me over, I was just in tears from it all…and not only did Steven and Greg (names the deputies gave her) go above and beyond in getting me back safely on the road, but they reassured me and it helped me calm down some,” Collins said in her letter.

Collins plans on sending both deputies personal cards to further express her thankfulness.

“Thank you to Deputies Steven Haga and Greg Randolph for their dedication to excellence and professionalism,” Bauman said. “These two deputies embody the ideals that our office strives to live by. I am very proud of these and all our Deputies who work hard every day to improve the lives of our citizens.”

  1. July 23, 2012 at 1:17 pm

    Where was the intrepid OHP? Tooper #624 probably would/ve given her a ticket or had her arrested. Good for Logan County Sheriff’s Dept. for helping this lady.

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