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Wanted man turns himself into authorities

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Bryce Salmon turned himself into authorities and has been charged with four crimes.

Salmon is being charged with knowingly concealing stolen property, possession of a firearm while on probation, possession of controlled dangerous substance (marijuana) and unlawful possession of drug paraphernalia.

Original Story

Logan County Deputies are looking for a man that they describe as potentially armed and dangerous. The suspect is a Registered Sex Offender and has had several encounters with law enforcement.

Authorities are looking for this man, Bryce Salmon, and is urging anyone to call with any information on where he may be.

On Tuesday, Deputies executed a search warrant for Bryce Salmon, 26, at 10200 Blanche Lane, in south Logan County after receiving information about several items of stolen property from a nearby construction site along with the potential of having methamphetamine at the residence.

Deputies did not locate Salmon, but did arrest Jason McHone, 40.

According to Chief Deputy Rob Groseclose, the search warrant revealed a significant quantity of crystal methamphetamine commonly referred to as “ice”, a loaded handgun, several items of drug paraphernalia and numerous items of stolen construction materials. In which, all were all seized.

McHone was not the intended subject that Deputies expected to encounter at the residence as Salmon was not at the home at the time the warrant was served.

The Logan County Sheriff’s Office needs assistance in locating and apprehending Bryce Salmon. Salmon has been alerted that law enforcement is searching for him. Groseclose said he is very likely staying with associates.

Jason McHone was arrested inside the home after a search warrant found several missing items and drugs.

You are urged to contact the Logan County Sheriff’s Office at (405) 282-4100 if you have any information regarding Salmon’s location. Authorities are asking that you do not make contact with Salmon as he has the potential to be armed and dangerous.

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