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Trenary denied new trial; sentenced for misdemeanor

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Attorney Jay Trenary laid out four grounds of why he wanted a new trial, but a judge did not buy into the arguments and sentenced him for his misdemeanor crime.

Trenary, a former Guthrie resident, was found guilty of obstructing a Guthrie police officer on April 25 and was sentenced to pay the jury’s recommended fine of $500 last Thursday (July 5) inside the Logan County Courthouse.

The jury found the 2002 Prosecutor of the Year guilty for obstructing an officer and recommended a punishment of the maximum $500 fine and no jail time after being arrested on May 28, 2011. The same jurors found him not guilty on a second charge of domestic abuse. Related story: Attorney found guilty on one of two charges; fined $500

Trenary announced to the court, on Thursday, that he will appeal the decision.

In May of 2012, Trenary made the motion for a new trial and an evidentiary hearing, but the judge denied the motion for a new trial. However, the judge order the court to hear the newly discovered evidence, despite objection by the State, after Trenary stated he found shocking and deeply troubling evidence after the trial had ended. Related story: Trenary: I have found shocking and deeply troubling evidence

On the first ground for a new trial, Trenary told Special District Judge R.L. Hert, Jr. that his girlfriend and witness Lindsey Young was intimidated by the government and Guthrie Police Department and that her constitutional rights were violated. Trenary went on to say Logan County District Attorney Tom Lee threaten Young to testify and if she didn’t her probation could be jeopardized.

Trenary went on to say prosecutor’s were badgering Young while on the stand and the district attorney’s office was ease dropping on Young, who Trenary says has mental health issues and is fragile.

Trenary’s wanted a change of venue on his second ground for seeking a new trial. He stated, because of comments posted on Guthrie News Page stories that many presumed his guilt before the trial began.

The third ground was based on the “pick-up incident” just before the trial was to begin. Trenary said the Guthrie Police Department “rattled her cage” before she took the stand and testified. Related story: Parking dispute before local attorney goes on trial

On the fourth and final ground, Trenary, as he did in the trial, spoke about police were not authorized to be on private property without a warrant.

Trenary is scheduled to be back in the court room on July 20 on three misdemeanor charges following his second arrest this past April. Related story: Local attorney arrested for second time in 10 months

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